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How Kobadoo Kids helps children develop their language skills

In 2022, Kobadoo launched a new game mode called Kobadoo Kids , that allows small children to learn basic vocabulary in English, Spanish and Norwegian using emojis. Speech, language and communication are key areas of development for children since they play a critical role throughout our lives; and c hildren's early vocabulary is a predictor of their later educational outcomes. Kobadoo Kids follows the successful learning method of children picture books. Different studies affirm that reading picture books to young children increases their vocabulary and language skills [1] , and improves their ability to understand and remember new information [2] . This game mode displays series of emojis representing essential vocabulary (animals, food, weather, transportation,...), and each one is played as audio in the chosen language. Then, the child is asked to find these emojis on the screen, earning point s and passing levels if they succeed. Different studies [3] [4] [5] [6] cl aim tha