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What is working memory and how can you train it?

Working memory is a part of the executive functions of our brain. It is a cognitive system that is used when we are keeping information in short-term memory and processing and manipulating that stored information. Working memory improves from childhood and usually reaches its peak in mid-twenties, then it slowly declines with age. How can you train your working memory? Working memory capacities can be improved through repetition and training. This is based on  brain’s  neuroplasticity , which is the brain’s capability to adapt to the environment it is in. The effect by some programs ( Cogmed / Robomemo ) has shown to be effective compared to a placebo group. By training working memory you could possibly learn new skills.  For example those who want to learn new flags of the world, keep playing the game  Kobadoo Flags , and play it repeatedly. Eventually you might see that you will also learn some new flags just by playing a game and possibly reach higher levels.   A study in children [

The world's only non-rectangular national flag

There are no written rules about what a national flag should look like. That is why we can observe truly original designs with different number of stripes, colours and additional elements. However, all of them share one characteristic: they have a rectangular shape . Well, actually not all of them. There is a sovereign country whose flag doesn't follow the pattern: Nepal . If you have played Kobadoo Flags before you are probably familiar with it. This beautiful flag is a combination of two pennons used in the past by rival branches of the ruling dynasty . The red colour is a  symbol of bravery  of Nepali people and it is also the colour of Nepal's national flower: rhododendron . The blue border represents   peace and   harmony. The crescent moon on the top pennon symbolizes the coldness near Himalayas and the pure spirit of Nepali people; whereas the sun represents the heat of the southern provinces and the  fierceness of the locals.

The only flag of the world that is shredded by design

If you have played Kobadoo Flags you might have seen some extravagant flags with colourful designs, but you might not have seen before a flag made of separate strips of cloth. This is the case of the flag of Zamora , a beautiful province in the North West of Spain close to the border with Portugal. This flag is not only truly original, but as well one of the oldest in the world. It is composed of a green strip and eight red strips , all of them detached from each other. The red ones represent the eight victories obtained by the legendary warrior Viriathus against the Romans in the 2nd century BC. The green strip was a reward from King Ferdinand II of Aragon  in recognition of the aid provided in the battle of Toro in 1476. Source: